Social Media Marketing for Accountants

How to boost your profit with Social Media Marketing for Accountancy Firms

Whether we like it or not social media marketing is becoming a major force in successfully promoting professional services. Even large firms and practices have started switching their advertising spend from the more traditional media to social media platforms.

What is social media marketing?

Social media uses the technological foundations of Web 2.0, creating platforms for people to interact, build relationships and business connections, share information and collaborate online.

  • Accountants can use these social media platforms to inexpensively market and promote their services, create publicity for their practices, and actively engage with prospects and clients through the creation of user-generated content.
  • Social media marketing will help you differentiate your firm from competitors by increasing brand awareness.
  • You can use social media as an effective tool to gather marketing information about competitors as well as keeping up to date with what your prospects and clients are looking for, and an aid to improving client’s services.
  • Social media is the new social way of quickly creating ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising and getting referrals.

There are literally hundreds of social networking sites providing fundamentally different social activities. For example, Twitter allows people to share short messages and is heavily used by entrepreneurs, journalists and celebrities. It’s a great way for driving traffic to your website, blog, events and offers.

Whereas Facebook has more of a community approach that accountants can successfully use to engage with prospects and clients, creating loyalty as well as getting their feedback and referrals.

In the UK, we have four important social media sites for accountants, these are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

An active presence on the first three is rapidly becoming essential for any accountant who wants to boost their client base and revenues.

YouTube is becoming more important for accountants because video consumption by the business community is rapidly growing. It’s a great way to promote your accountancy firm to new business start-ups and when launching a new service with ‘how to’ type videos. It’s also becoming essential for search engine optimisation reasons.

During the next year, we’ll also see in the UK the rise in popularity of Google’s new social network, Google +1. This is rapidly becoming the ‘In Place’ to be seen and heard socially and professionally online.

Why your accountancy practice should easily be found in social networking circles
Accountants have always been good at face-to-face networking. Many new practices became successful by using networking events to get new clients and existing practices when launching a new service or getting referrals.

With time now being the most precious resource for all of us running our own businesses, online social networking has now made it possible to communicate and interact with thousands of others in an instant. And at a time that suits our own professional and personal schedules.

We’re living in an increasingly complex society, using social networks to market, promote and publicise your accountancy firm is faster, considerably cheaper and less time consuming than traditional methods of face-to-face networking, meetings, presentations, workshops, seminars, etc.

Without having a presence in the major social networks you’ll be lost in the ‘eyes’ of your prospects and clients. Increasingly business decision makers are now only purchasing professional services from people they’re acquainted with in their social networks.

Our Unique No-Risk Guarantee

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