Our Worst Performing Client Banked an Extra £94,374 in 2010

I recently read a comment on LinkedIn from a West Midlands business owner asking the best way to promote his local business in 2012.

There were a number of replies covering direct mail, telemarketing, referrals from networking meetings, etc. I responded with any doubt in my mind. Local Search Marketing particularly Google Places will deliver consistently more prospects than any other single marketing channel.

Why am I so convinced?

We all know that, ‘Something you can measure can be managed and frequently improved upon’. The beauty of local search marketing programmes is the results are so easy to measure. We can quickly and accurately identify what ROI we’re getting for our clients.

If we look at last year the minimum average amount of new prospects we achieved for any of our local search marketing clients was fourteen per month (one hundred and fifty eight prospects during a twelve month period).

It will be fair to say that not all of these prospects were converted into clients for various good reasons. However, this particular client increased her client base by forty two clients during the year.

42 clients x average annual revenue value £2,247                                                      = £94,374

Assuming 1/3 overheads, 1/3 direct costs and 1/3 pre tax profit

Extra pre-tax profit                                                                                                 = £31,458

Her total expenditure with us for the year was £4,714 saving £3,978 on her previous marketing costs for 2010, which only delivered eighteen new clients.

This client operates in a rural area where number of online searches are substantially lower than you’ll enjoy.

How to bank more client fees in 2012

What can we achieve for you?

To find out call me on 024 7624 3628 or send an email to martin@accountantmarketingexperts.co.uk

With our local search marketing for accountants’ service, we don’t give promises – just results you can quickly bank.

Don’t leave it too late and regret it for the next twelve months. We can only work with one accountancy firm in each local area


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