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Over the last ten years I’ve been involved in the development of hundreds of local business and professional services websites and even today, I’m often surprised, frequently stunned about how website visitors react to the different elements of a webpage.

What really interests them and what doesn’t? What do they find appealing about a particular part of a web page. Which images, links, enquiry or buy buttons do they find most interesting and appealing?

Whenever I start marketing a new product or service, I never assume anything and the same goes when I’m involved in launching a new or redesigned website.

As we all know in any form of marketing, uninformed preconceptions or decisions based on a ‘gut’ feeling usually ends in disaster.

So how do you find out how people are behaving when they visit your accountancy website?

In my blog post Marketing for Accountants | How to get more attention - we looked at Google’s Golden Triangle, and how searchers behaved on Google Places listings using expensive eye and click tracking technology.

Here’s the good news you can do exactly the same for your accountancy website and it’s FREE.

Clicktale is a Java Script powered technology that accurately records the cursor movements (finger movements on a smart phone) of the visitors to your website.

How to find out what interests your website visitors

Spy on your website visitors

This will give you a clear picture of when someone lands on your website where they spend most of their time, so you can put your most important message there.

You can also see which of your ‘calls to action’ or sign up forms and buttons are working the best.

(I hope you have a way of collecting the details of every visitor to your website. If you don’t, you’re throwing all of the money you’re spending on your website down the drain).

I highly recommend you test out the free version of Clicktale on your home page. I’ll guarantee you will be stunned even shocked at how people react to what you’re offering. I’ll also guarantee you will find ways to improve your visitors’ experience, which means more of them will want to do business with you.

If I’m wrong – just let me know in the comment section under this blog and I’ll give you 3 months of our full marketing for accountants’ services absolutely free.

To get the free Clicktale version which recently has been slightly hidden on their website click here?

To watch the introduction video on their Clicktale’s home page click here

It only takes a couple of minutes to add this script to your website, so if you use an external webmaster it shouldn’t cost more than around £20.

If you’re looking to dominate the accountant niche in your area and increase the profitability of your website take advantage of this FREE Confidential Business Report worth £297.

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Have a great day.

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