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One of the biggest problems with most accounting websites is there’s no real call to action and no obvious method of collecting the contact details of the website’s visitors.

If your accounting website doesn’t have these two essential elements please check out my marketing for accountants blog post, “How to turn your accounting website visitors into hot prospects.”

However, not every visitor will want to sign up to whatever you are offering. Some of your visitors will want to quickly satisfy their accounting problem and will therefore want to take immediate action by easily telephoning you.

Our software developers have come up with the answer for WordPress websites and they’re currently working on other website platforms.

Introducing – BizItUp Click and Tap Phone Connect.

Get your website visitors to call youGetting your website visitors to give you an instant telephone call is a fast shortcut to turning them quickly from being a suspect into a hot prospect then into a profitable client.

It’s no secret many accountants pay Yellow Pages a small fortune every month – just to get their telephone number ‘out there’.

Now imagine you have a button on your homepage, which eager prospects can simply click on or tap (if they’re using a smart phone) and get instantly connected to your accountancy firm for the accounting advice they desperately need.

Your website visitor (suspect) becomes a ‘hot’ prospect when they call you. All you have to do is satisfy their needs to convert them into a profitable client.

They’re calling you. You’re not calling them.

It’s never been easier to get your website visitors to give you an instant call. No more lost opportunities because a prospect or client couldn’t find a pen or copy your number from their mobile.

You could also use our instant call button on your website as an alternative or complimentary way of collecting your website visitors’ contact details. Send them to a short pre recorded message highlighting the benefits and value of your (free offer) and an opportunity for them to leave their contact details to claim their free offer.

We’ve added this extra service at no extra cost to our Marketing for Accountants’ local search marketing service.

We’ll invest in you to get you more clients in 2012, without you having to do any extra work or incur Internet marketing set up costs – email me before your competitors do.


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