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This is the final part of the Marketing for Accountants – local search marketing series of articles. If you missed parts 1 to 7 you can read them here.

Knowing What’s Working and What Isn’t – Tracking Your Results

Something which is fairly unique to local search marketing, compared to many other advertising and promotional methods, is how much information you can track about where your prospects and website visitors are coming from, and which sources are the most (and least) profitable for you.

The nature of the Internet lets you track the source of every visitor to your website, so you can tell how many potential customers are arriving from Google, Facebook, videos on YouTube and any other place you post your content such as blogs, review, directory and article sites

You can even track these sources down to specific messages or media. For example, if you post a video on YouTube, you can code a special tracking link into it so you know exactly how many people end up visiting your website as a result of that specific video.

If you do any other advertising, like flyers or Yellow Pages, do you know how many visitors those sources are sending you? Probably not – there’s really no easy way to track them with any accuracy, beyond asking every client where they heard about you.

There are many tracking services available to you, ranging from free solutions to hundreds, or even thousands of pounds per month. One of the most effective is actually free to use – Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will track visitors coming to your accountant’s website, where they’re coming from and many other things. It will even tell you what keywords people searched for when they found your website in the search results.

When you click on the link above you’ll see a great video showing everything you need to know about Google Analytics. Make sure you add Google Analytics to every page of your website. Not just your home page.

This data can be invaluable to you because over time you can analyse it and implement your findings into your website to get even better results.

For example, using our Coventry Accountant example again, when you analyse your site’s data you might find you’re getting traffic from Google for the phrase “Coventry accountancy” – a phrase you didn’t do any optimisation for.

Seeing that, you could hop over to Google and see just where your site ranks for that term. Let’s say you find it towards the bottom of the page, maybe spot 7 or 8 (there are normally ten results shown on each page).

From this research, you now know two important things – people are already finding your site using that phrase and you could quite likely improve your ranking by doing a little bit of SEO for that phrase.

You might write a new article to add to your website that uses the phrase “Coventry accountancy” or you might just add it to a page or two that are already on the site.

Simply by doing this little bit of work, you’ll most likely start getting more visitors who are searching for that term because your site will move higher in the rankings.

Google Analytics doesn’t just track your visitors, however – it can also track the actions those visitors take once they arrive at your website.

For example, if you have a lead capture form on your site to get people’s name and email address so you can follow up with them in the future, you can track the people who actually sign up for your email list. With Google Analytics, you could track all the way from the click on one of your ads through to someone signing up to receive your emails.

(If you don’t have a lead capture form on your site – you’re leaving a pile of money on the table for your competitors to pick up. Also, I’ll guarantee you’re website is costing you money and not making you money).

And from there, you could use tracking codes to identify those people when they come into your place of business or contact you for more information. This lets you track the exact cost per client by calculating your advertising cost versus the number of people who wind up doing business with you.

You’ll know which advertising sources are most profitable, which ones are not working very well at all, and which ones are generating the most new leads. This is the type of detail is extremely difficult, if not impossible to track through traditional advertising mediums like Yellow Pages and newspaper ads.

The Bottom Line – Marketing for Accountants Online

The bottom line here is when marketing for accountants the Internet gives you far better results than most traditional advertising methods. It’s going to become increasingly important for accountancy firms serving their local markets. In fact it’s going to be essential.

If you aren’t taking advantage of all the opportunities it offers, you have two choices – start taking advantage of them or fall behind when your competition does.

And believe me; your competitors are hearing all these same things. Take a look at this slide, which shows the results of a McKinsey quarterly survey of business executives:

The growth of digital marketing by senior business executives


This survey was undertaken in 2008. These results are rapidly accelerating, not tapering off, as more time passes.

Where Should You Start Your Marketing For Accountant System?

We’ve covered quite a lot of ground in this Marketing for Accountant Local Search marketing article series, so it’s quite likely you’ve got a bunch of ideas swimming around in your head, wondering where to start. But let’s face it – is this the kind of stuff you want to be doing?

You could probably figure all this technical stuff out for yourself, but is that really the best use of your time? We believe it’s important for any business to work on their strengths.

By using a marketing firm specialising in marketing for accountants online, you’ll soon see a rapid increase in your client base with a boost to your fee revenues and accountancy firm’s value.

By now you’ll know how important a backlink to your website is, so help us out by leaving an honest comment below and you’ll be creating another backlink at the same time.

In my next Marketing for Accountants series of articles we’ll be looking at how you can use YouTube and video marketing to increase your search engine rankings, get more prospects to contact you and engage your current clients so they remain loyal.

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