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In the 14th December’s edition of Internet Pro News, there’s a great article by Navaneet Kaushai where he comments on a recent Google survey identifying how people look at a Google Maps listing, what gets their attention and where they click.

Navaneet’s article is partly based on Google’s Golden Triangle survey which looked at finding answers to these three questions:

  1. What do users see on a Google Places Page?
  2. Do reviews make a difference?
  3. Are the maps studied by people?

In this study 12 participants eye movements and the click behaviour 90 people was analysed.

In the screen shot below we can see where people’s eyes focused when searching for a Tattoo Parlour in Hamilton, USA.

The first listing had a review and an image. The second had one review and an image, and the fourth listing had a review with text snippets.

The click tracking for the same search query showed people preferred the first listing. The fourth listing with reviews and text snippets got more clicks than the 2nd and 3rd listings.

Results of Google Golend Triangle Survey

People are influenced by social behaviour

In the second phase of this study the participants searched for a Tattoo Parlour in London, Ontario, Canada.

The first listing came up with a website’s Url and contact info, the third listing had more information, eight Google reviews for the business with a text snippet for one of those reviews.

The screen shot below shows the results of this eye tracking study.

Google Maps Eye Tracking Survey

In the click part of this study the third listing got more clicks than even the top listing proving social content has a profound impact on how people behave.

Naveneet’s summary is exactly what we’re finding with our marketing for accountants clients:

  • If you’re listing isn’t on top and you don’t have social content then your listing will be mainly ignored.
  • Reviews are an extremely important factor.
  • Text snippets of these reviews attract the attention of searchers.

To read Naveneet’s full article and the links to the studies click here

Now we come to what happens when people click on your Accountant firm’s Google Placers listing and go to your Google Places Page.

In our own studies we have found the more information you provide: Images, videos, offers, vouchers, etc., the more likely people who are searching for an accountant in your area will click on your Google Places page and visit your website or give you a call.

Optimising a client’s Google Places Page can take us six to eight weeks, and as we track results during this optimisation process we see a significant increase in clicks each week from just a few in the early days to fifty and more when the page is fully optimised.

If you want to get more clients for your accountancy firm from Google and Local Search Marketing give me a call on 024 7624 3628. We’ll pay all of the upfront costs for your Online Marketing for Accountants service. You only start paying when you see results. That’s what makes us so different. No broken promises just results you can take to the bank.

If you would like to know more about how you can optimise your own Google Places Page, check out my eight part article series: Marketing For Accountants | Local Search Marketing

In my next blog on Marketing for Accountants, I’m going to show you how you can spy on your website visitors and find out what really catches their attention when the visit your accountancy firm’s website.

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