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It doesn’t matter whether you call it Online Marketing, Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing. Marketing over the Internet has now been proven to be the fastest way for local businesses and professional firms to increase their sales and profit.

It’s currently the lowest cost method of local marketing, and when done correctly and systematically – the most profitable.

Research shows the majority of clients for a local accountancy firm will either work or live five miles from the firm’s office, and eight out of ten local people looking for an accountant start their search online (an increase over the last two years of around 300%).

If you are seeking to grow your client base – your future success lies in having a profitable local search marketing system, and this is the foundation stone for our marketing for accountants’ services.

In the UK the majority of search activity for accountants is on Google, so for fast results this is where you must start your marketing for accountants’ activity by creating a low-cost local search marketing strategy.

The number of monthly Google searches in your area will depend on the size of your local population. However you can safely say that if you have a population of around 300,000 in your local catchment area there will be around 1,000 unique monthly searches on Google.

Below are the average Google monthly searches for the period October 2010 to September 2011 for accountants in various UK locations.

Google average monthly searches for accountants

How many new unique visitors are you getting to your accounting website every month?

I’m asking you this important question because seven out of ten accountants I’ve spoken with over the last few months don’t know the answer.

It’s a bit like in the old days when you asked your staff how many telephone enquires had been received or how many people had enquired at reception. Today you need to know how many people are visiting your website to find out more about the accountancy services you provide.

If you don’t know these important statistics, I want to introduce you to a free tool called Google Analytics, which you or your webmaster can easily and quickly add to your accountancy website.

In a nutshell, Google analytics will tell you how many visitors you’re getting to your accountancy website, where they’re coming from, how long they stay on your site and which of your web pages they visit and find interesting.

This is critical information for checking the performance of your website and the effectiveness of your local search marketing activities

In my blog post, ‘What interest your website visitors’, I mentioned another analytical tool where you can clearly see what interests your visitors about your accounting website.

If you install both of these free tools on your website you will be going a long way to improving your online marketing activities and the results you get.

If you don’t have Google Analytics or Clicktale installed on your accountancy website, email or call me on 024 7624 3628, and I’ll organise with you to get them added for FREE.

In my blog post tomorrow, I’m going to be discussing with you how you can engage your website visitors. We want them to contact you before they even think of checking out your competitors – giving you the fast opportunity to convert them into profitable clients.

Let me have your feedback. Please add a comment in the form below if this marketing for accountants’ blog post was of help to you or if you have a questions you would like answering about online or offline marketing for accountants.


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