Marketing for Accountants Google Announces Major Changes To Search

Google is making search more personalIn yesterday’s marketing for accountants’ blog, I posted a brief comment with a link about the changes Google announced on Tuesday 10th January about how Google are changing their search engine algorithms to deliver you and I with more personal search results.

I also mentioned that I believed these changes will make a massive difference to how we market our local businesses on the Web this year.

During the early hours of this morning I was involved in Skype conference with my Internet marketing colleagues from around the world. We discussed the ramifications of what Google is doing and how it will affect local businesses.

The thing I truly love about marketing local businesses on the Web is you have to be light on your feet and be prepared to take action, often at a moment notice.

So here’s the bottom line for all local business owners who want to grow their businesses in these difficult economic times:

The Way You Present & Promote Your Website & Business is Rapidly Becoming Obsolete

Google commands 95% of the UK search market and I’ve previously quoted that 8 out of 10 of your prospects start looking for a local business using search. In fact according to a recent survey by the highly respected ComScore this has now increased to 8.9 people out of 10.

We make our money, by getting our clients more customers/clients. This is what our clients pay us for. Not vague promises of high search engine rankings. Not expensive and fancy non performing websites that only boost the egos of the owners and the bank balances of their creators.

This is why we have to be at the top of our game when it comes to these types of changes.

As a result of my conference last night, I’m going to burn the midnight oil tonight and write a short eBook looking at how these changes will affect your business. You can get your free copy by simply sending me an email with eBook in the subject header.

Over the next few weeks I will be expanding on this eBook with the steps you need to take to keep in front of your competitors. So keep checking back to this marketing for accountants blog for more announcements.

The ball is now in your court.

Have a great day.



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