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If you’re fed up with the expensive and tired old ways of getting more clients to boost your accountancy firm’s revenues, you need to know how you can successfully market and promote your business online.

In this marketing for accountants – local search marketing series of articles, we’ll be looking at how you can easily get more clients and increase your profits from your current client base using Local Search. I’m going to discuss how you can tap into local search to get all of the new clients you’ll ever want and even better, I’m going to show you how to do it.

By reading these articles and taking action on what you discover you’ll be able to slash the cost of marketing and promoting your accountancy firm by at least half, whilst getting all of the clients you can handle, even during these difficult economic times.

Is this the end of local marketing and advertising as we know it?

I’ve been in marketing for over 40 years, and never before have I seen such rapid changes in the local marketing landscape than during the last two to three years.

Traditional local marketing methods are dying! A Few Facts:

According to Google, 20% of all searches have a local content and according to comScore, Google served up 10.7 billion searches in April 2011. This means that during April there were approximately 2.14 billion local searches. (When compared with April 2008, an increase of 1 billion local searches)!

  • 82% of local searches result in offline action, which means that your prospects will search for you online first and then contact you.
  • 97% of people in the UK with Internet access research and regularly buy goods, services or make bookings online.

When we look at Google searches for the six main search terms for Accountants in Manchester, we’ll see they collectively average 2,881 searches each month. This means if you’re a Manchester accountant with a high level of online presence you should be receiving at least a 1,000 new prospects visiting your website or contacting your office every month. That’s the power of a good local search marketing strategy, one thousand new prospects every month!

Local search marketing for accountants is all about getting your business’s ‘shop window’ in front of your ideal prospects and existing clients’ eyeballs so they visit your website; pick up the telephone to call you or visit your premises before they even think about contacting any of your competitors.

In part 2, of this marketing for accountants – local search marketing article series, we’ll be quickly looking at the demise of Yellow Pages and traditional advertising media and how you can quickly benefit from your accountancy’s  prospects and clients moving online.

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