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Marketing for accountants

The Rapidly Rising Influence of Review Websites where Accountants Need To Be

One of the reasons why review sites are becoming more important when marketing for accountants is many of them have apps for smartphones and iPads, so a lot of people use them to look up local accountants (approx 50% of all searches) when they’re on the go.

If they find a listing with low ratings or bad reviews, they can choose a different accountancy firm and the partners will never know they’ve lost a potential client.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, you want to have an opportunity to either correct the problem or explain your side when someone gives you a low rating or poor review. After all, we all can’t be perfect all of the time.

Ninja Tip: We provide our marketing for accountant clients with a reputation management and competitors tracking service which uses expensive search software. However, you can find out what people are saying about you on review and social media website along with keeping tabs of your keywords and competitors by creating a free account with Google Alerts. This link will take you to the web page below.

Google Alerts for Accountants

Sign Up for Alerts

Review websites aren’t only about reviews. Most of them let you make special offers and promote events, etc. These can be a great way to draw in both new and existing clients through their smartphones and other mobile devices. (I previously mentioned that over 50% of local searches are now made using mobile devices and this is rapidly increasing – hence the rise in the influence and activity of review websites).

If someone is searching for an accountant using one of these services, seeing an offer from your accountancy firm will make them a lot more likely to get in touch or visit you. And if it’s combined with good reviews and interaction on your part, it’s going to cement their decision more firmly.

There are literally hundreds of review websites and some are industry or niche specific. The ones listed below are some of the UK’s leading one, which cover every type of local business. If you’re going to successfully market your accountancy firm online and get high rankings in Google and the other search engines you need to have full profiles on all of them.

Trustedplaces by yell

Google Maps

Yahoo Local UK

Free Index UK

Merchant Circle UK


Thomson Local

Touch Local UK

We Love Local UK

Brown Book Net


Classifieds Co UK


Search Engine Optimisation | Marketing for Accountants

Most of the things we’ve been discussing about local search marketing come under the subject of search engine optimisation, or SEO. This is the process of optimising your website to improve your rankings in the search engines. Some of this involves things you can do on your website, such as using the “keywords” your potential clients are using to find your website within the titles and content of your pages.

There are tools that will help you determine exactly what those keywords are, such as the Google Keyword Tool. This tool is designed for Google Adwords advertisers, to help them figure out which keywords to bid on for their ads. But it works just as well for figuring out exactly what people are searching for. Because the things that people actually search for might not be what you would expect.

For example, the keywords I’m targeting for this Blog is ‘marketing for accountants‘ because this is the most highly searched term for the online accountancy marketing services we provide.

In the table below are the main search terms (keywords) for Coventry Accountants with the average monthly searches using the Google Keyword Tool:

Monthly searches for accountants Coventry

This is where a lot of people go wrong. Broad Search lists every time the keywords are used in a search. That’s why accountant shows a higher figure than accountants, because it’s part of accountants. Similarly, Phrase Search is also misleading.

To find out exactly what people are typing into their search engines you need to use Exact Search. In the above instance we can see that on average 846 people every month are searching the Google network for a Coventry Accountant. That’s a lot of new business.

Whilst there are additional search terms for accountants, I would most certainly optimise my accountancy website for the six main ones in the above table.

In the screen shot below you can see the least competitive keyword is Coventry Accountants with 170 monthly searches.

Exact search terms for accountants Coventry

If I was a Coventry accountant, I would take advantage of this by optimising my website for this keyword. It will be relatively easy to get a No.1 ranking for this search term even if you have a new website.

You can even set up multiple websites of your own, each with a very narrow focus. All of them can link back to your main site, helping to push its rankings up. For example, you might set up “mini websites” for the different search terms – each with a very specific focus. And these sites won’t just be useful for linking back to your main website, they can also generate even more visitors and new clients as people quickly find them in the search engines and various other places.

As you can see, many of these strategies work in tandem with one another. Media distribution doesn’t just get your name out there, it helps with SEO.

The more you market your firm online, the more everything will compound to give you better and better results.

But keep in mind that SEO is not a one-time thing. You can ease back on the amount of content that you are distributing to various places once you’ve made an initial push to get your site ranked, but to maintain those rankings you’ll need to do a certain amount of this on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, if your competitors are also improving their SEO, they could knock your site down and replace it in the rankings.

In Part 8, the last part of this Local Search Marketing for Accountants article series, we’ll be looking at how you can accurately and quickly track your local search marketing results. This will clearly show you where your new clients are coming from enabling you to focus on the higher profit generating local search marketing activities.

If you haven’t seen Marketing for Accountants  Local Search articles 1 to 6, you can read them here


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