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How to Stay at the Top of Google Places, Bing & Yahoo Local

We now go into the realms of Off-Page Search Engine optimisation (SEO). I mentioned earlier that Backlinks are an extremely important ingredient for getting and maintaining high search engine rankings, and that I would explain it further – so here goes.

Backlinks are where another website is ‘pointing at’ yours and in doing so creates a link that when people click on it, they’ll go to your website. Most people will tell you that the more links you have pointing at your site, the better for your rankings. However this is not strictly true.

Whilst quantity is important, it’s the quality and the relavancy of the web site that is far more important. For example, if you have lots of low ranking web sites or websites that are not relevant to your content pointing to your website compared to one of your competitors who has a smaller number of links, but from high quality ‘trusted’ sites that are relevant to their content they’ll rank better.

The top websites that are ‘Trusted’ by the search engines are government, educational, media, other search engines, Chambers of Commerce, professional bodies and certain association along with selected human reviewed directories, particularly DMOZ.

These are then followed by links from other citation and review sites, article sites, social bookmarking, video marketing sites, social media and online classified sites such as Gumtree, and Craigslist.

By creating as many high quality backlinks you can, you’ll secure your position at the top of the search engines for local search and organic listings. And this is why we have an ongoing link building strategy for all of our marketing for accountants’ clients.

However, be careful of any back-linking service you use and avoid like the plague automated ones. You may get thousands of backlinks to your site overnight, but you could see you’re rankings plummet because they’re all very low quality and often of dubious nature.

You don’t want to wake up in the morning to see your accountancy website linked to porn, gambling and extreme opinion sites, do you? Only use manual back-linking services from reputable providers.

Get More Local Clients and Revenues from Citation and Review Websites

Citation websites and review websites give you the opportunity of creating hundreds of online ‘shop-windows’ where your prospects and customers may be looking. And, as mentioned in the previous text they are also important sources for quality backlinks.

There’s a lot of misleading information and confusion about what is a citation site and what makes a review site. A citation site is really a directory website where your business is cited with at least your company’s name, address and phone number. A review site usually contains a lot more information about your business and of course allows client reviews

Most review websites originally started off as citation websites (directory websites) and then evolved into review sites as the popularity of business reviews took hold. Our marketing for accountants local search marketing service ensures you have full listings on review and citation sites.

For example: is an important citation site whereas Thomson Local has been transformed from a citation website into a review one.

Here is a snapshot of a search for caterers Coventry on I haven’t shown a screen shot for accountants because not one accountancy firm in Coventry is listed? A great opportunity if you’re based in Coventry.

Local Search Marketing for AccountantsBelow is a snapshot of a Thomson Local search for accountants Coventry. Only 3 accountants have claimed their listing and not one has a review. Another  great opportunity for any accountant in Coventry.

Local Search Marketing for AccountantsThis is extremely important – make sure you use exactly the same business name, address and telephone number in each of your listings.

In part 7, we’re going to be looking at why your accountancy firm needs to be ‘seen’ on the review sites and how to quickly and simply improve your website’s optimisation.

If you haven’t read parts 1 to 5 of this Marketing for Accountants – local search marketing article series you can read them here.

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