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How to Get Your Accountancy Firm to the Top of Google Places

In part 5, we’re going to continue to look at how you can fully optimise your Google Places page, so your accountancy firm appears in the top three listings which collectively get around 80% of the ‘clicks’.

Videos Marketing for Accountants

You can upload up to five videos to your Google Places page. A lot of our clients’ start to panic when we first mention videos, but don’t worry. They don’t have to be professionally produced, (Reality Television is IN) and they don’t have to be movie style they can also be simple PowerPoint presentations turned into video with a voice over.

As part of our marketing for accountants – local search marketing service we will help you produce five videos showcasing your firm at no extra cost.

Videos can be as short as 30seconds and should never be more than 3 minutes or you’ll lose the attention of those viewing it. You could produce a video showing how your accountancy services work; how your business solves your clients/prospects’ problems; introducing yourself and your team; a before and after video (the most powerful way of promoting any local business); an event; service or financial product reviews; client testimonials, etc.

Just think about the interests of your clients/prospects and then create a video about it. Be creative and have fun.

To upload a video to your local search engine listings, you’ll need to get a YouTube account. It’s a simple form to fill in.

The only difficulty you may encounter is getting your accountancy firms name as your username (account name). If someone else has already claimed this or your name is more than the maximum of 20 characters, you’ll have to be creative. You’ll notice under the username box there a link to check availability. Just type in the name you want and click on this link and it will let you know if it’s available and if it isn’t it will give you some suggestions.

Local Search Marketing for AccountantsLocal Search Marketing for AccountantsEvents

You can use your Place page to promote up and coming events. These could be a new office opening, new accountancy service or financial product launch, seminars, workshop, open days, etc. You can also use this section to cleverly create a highlighted special offer towards the top of your page, just like the example below.

Local Search Marketing for AccountantsOffers: Vouchers/Coupons and Special Offers

We’re moving into a society where people are looking for increased value and one way to get new clients is to give an introductory discount to get them in the door, hence the success of Groupon, Bview, and other similar voucher/coupon sites.

Our clients get a lot of new local clients and additional sales by promoting their business in this area of their local search listings. Regularly change your offers so they’re always fresh, exciting and always include an expiry date on them

It doesn’t have to be a discount promotion or a deal such as buy one and get one free. You can also promote your expertise. For example, you could offer a free consultation, book highlighting your expertise (like this one), an invitation to join your list or a free sample, etc.

The screen shot below is the Goring Hotel’s promotion.

Local Search Marketing for Accountants When you click on the offer link you go to this web page which gives you the full details of the offer.

Local Search Marketing for AccountantsHere’s one for an accountant offering a free consultation

Local Search Marketing for Accountants

Local Search Marketing for AccountantsAnother benefit of verifying your Google Places Page is you’ll have access to your own personal dashboard which shows you how many times your local search listing has been seen with the number of actions. Here’s what a typical dashboard for a newly claimed listing looks like:

Local Search Marketing for AccountantsThe top search queries box has been cut off in the above capture for confidential reasons, but what you’ll see is the amount of people (impressions) who’ve seen your Google listing using your top ten search queries.

For example, as a local accountant you would have a search query Accountants (your town/city).  Google will tell you how many times people have seen your listing for this query (search term).

Use images, videos, events and offers to differentiate your accountancy firm from your competitors and build your prospect list.

When you’ve completed all of the above steps, you’ll have a fully optimised listing getting you in the top three of Google Places, Bing and Yahoo Local for your main keywords.

In part 6, we’re going to look at how you can stay on top getting more prospects contacting you rather than your competitors.

If you’ve haven’t read parts 1 to 4 marketing for accountant – local search marketing atricle series you can access them here

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