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How to Get Your Accountancy Firm to the Top of Google Places

To claim your Google Places page you need a Google account. If you don’t already have one click on this link and the web page below will open up.

Once you have a Google account you can claim your Google Places listing. Just go to your Google Places page and click on the Business Owner link shown below.

Local Search Marketing for Accountants

Sign in using your Google account and you’ll be taken to the page below where you can claim your listing.

Local Search Marketing for Accountants





Once you’ve claimed the listing for your accountancy firm you can edit and add information as frequently as you want to. All you have to do is click on the owner-verified listing link on your Google Places page and then sign in with your Google account.

Once you click on your listing’s submit button you’ll go to another page where Google will want to verify you’re the owner or have the authority for this business listing.

You have two options: Google will call you on the telephone number you used in your listing or they’ll send a postcard to your listed address.

Select the phone one and you’ll automatically go to your Google Pages Dashboard. You’ll get a call from Google within a few minutes giving you a pin number, which you’ll need to type in the pin number box on your dashboard. Keep a note of this pin number for future reference and when making future changes. Occasionally Google will make you go through this verification process again. It’s just for your security and to prevent unauthorised people changing your listing.

Local Search Marketing for AccountantsListed below are some tips for completing your Google Accountant’s Places page that will increase your ranking.

Basic Information:

In the form you need to fill in your accountants firm’s name, address with postcode, telephone number, email address and your website address (url). You then need to add your business description and business categories which I talk about in a little more detail below.

Local Search Marketing for AccountantsMake your accountancy firm’s description appealing and interesting and not stuffed with keywords. Say why you’re different from your competitors. You have 200 characters with spaces. Make them count and work for you!

Let’s have a quick look at the two descriptions below for a London catering firm. (In this instance, I’ve used a non accountancy example to avoid embarrassing a potential client).

The first one comes from the Google results page and the second from their Google Places Page.

Local Search Marketing for Accountants

In both descriptions they’re wasting valuable words by using their business name twice. They are also not hitting any of the top search terms. It isn’t really appealing, and they’re not saying why they’re different from their competitors.

Whilst you’ll want to use your business name in your home page description for keyword reasons, there’s no need to use it on your Place’s page description.

A better description might be:

Leading caterer in London using only fresh ingredients expertly prepared and cooked daily in our London catering kitchen. Over 2,000 London businesses trust us for lunches and events.

FREE delivery. (199 characters with spaces and don’t worry about missing out some punctuation marks if you’re having difficulty to fit it in).

The business description above includes the top to keyword phrases for this type of caterer: Caterer in London and London Catering.

Business categories:

You are allowed up to five business categories. Use them all, but do not add your location to them because Google will think you’re keyword stuffing and they’ll penalise you for it. For example, don’t put Accountants Coventry, just Accountants.

As you type into the category box a drop down suggestion box will be displayed giving you suggestions, which you can select from. These are Google’s classified categories, but don’t be frightened of using your own customised ones if they describe what you do more clearly.

You want searchers to quickly see what types of clients and work you specialise in rather some generalised category other than accountant.

Service Areas & Locations Form

Local Search Marketing for AccountantsA mistake a lot of accountants are making is they’re not completing this form properly. If you provide a service where you visit clients at their premises make sure you click the Yes box. You can then add the area you serve in two ways: By putting the mileage from your premises or inserting the main city/towns you offer your services to.

In the above case we’ve just typed in the service area box – 25 miles.

If you’re an accountant working from home you can check the box, ‘Don’t show my address on Google Maps. But make sure you create the area you want to do business in.

I’ll continue with these tips in part 5 of this marketing for accountants – local search marketing article series, so you can quickly get in the top 3 slots of Google Places and get lots more prospects contacting you.

If you haven’t read parts 1 to 3 of marketing for accountants – local search marketing articles you can access them here

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