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In part 2, of this marketing for accountants – local search marketing article series, we’re going to quickly look at why times are rapidly changing in the marketing arena and why this is good for proactive accountants.

The Dilemma of Traditional Advertising Media

As a partner or owner of a local accountancy firm, in the past you’ve possibly spent a small fortune on advertising in your local Yellow Pages Directory and maybe you spent some more of your marketing budget on Thomson Local, local newspaper, radio and possibly TV advertising. You may also have spent money on direct mail.

For a long while most serious accountants advertised in the Yellow Pages and possibly Thomson Local, while these directories were ‘the go to place’ for promoting any business locally, particularly those in competitive niches such as accountants, they’re no longer delivering the results and giving an acceptable return on investment.

However, a few years ago with more and more people searching online to find local businesses, Yellow Pages and Thomson Local decided to provide an online paid directory service.

These directories work much like the printed version. Your ad gets placed in whatever business category is applicable; on the assumption people will use those directories to find local businesses.

But the reality is, those sites have very little traffic – Google, Bing and Yahoo are now the places people turn to when they’re looking for a local accountant.

This is good for your accountancy firm’s marketing for several reasons:

You have much more flexibility in how you present your accountancy firm through the search engines than you do with online advertising directories.

Your costs will be much less than what you would pay for an ad in the print version of the Yellow Pages, particularly compared to larger ads.

With local search marketing, you can update or make changes to your ads as often as you want. Compare that to a print ad that can only be changed annually.

And on top of all these things, the Internet gives you a much larger reach. Yellow Pages directories generally get distributed once a year, and only to households that have landline phones. Ads in newspapers only have a few days shelf life.

According to a study that the Department of Health and Human Services at the National Centre for Health Statistics ran from January to June, 2010, approximately 24.9% of all adults live in households with only wireless phones. They have given up landlines completely.

That means nearly 25% of your target market may not even receive a Yellow Pages directory. And interestingly, even less regularly read their local paper.

Your prospects are relying on the Internet for virtually 100% of the local information they need. And in a study we undertook in May – June 2011, where we surveyed 160 new business owners, 8 out of 10 said they first started looking for their accountant online.

Connecting with Your Prospects & Clients Online

There are a number of ways you can connect with your prospects and clients online, which I’m going to share with you in this article series. If you want to get the best results – you need to take advantage of as many as possible, because the Internet makes it so easy for people to find the answers and solutions they’re looking for. You can’t afford to hope they’ll come to you – you need to meet them wherever they might be searching.

The most important place you need to establish a high level presence is in the search engines – specifically Google, Yahoo and Bing. Of the three, Google in the UK commands 90% of all local searches and 95% of all mobile searches. But you mustn’t forget about Bing and Yahoo because a full listing in these search engines will help your local search rankings and online presence bringing even more new clients to you.

Today there are more web pages than people. Having a website is no longer enough. Your prospects need to be able to easily find it quickly through all of the online clutter.

However, Google has given you a new and free opportunity where you can quickly leap ahead of your competitors, regardless of how large or established they are.

In part 3, I’m going to discuss how your accountancy firm can benefit from a good Local Search marketing strategy for accountants mainly focusing on Google. We’ll then get into how to do it.

Let us have your comments below about this blog post. The good, the bad and the ugly are welcome providing they’re honest.

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