Local Search Marketing for Accountants is a MUST in 2012

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My team and I wish every reader of this marketing for accountants blog a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012. May all of your wishes and hopes for 2012 be realised.

Most people during the last week or so have been thinking about what they want to achieve during the next twelve months. However, the sad thing is most of these people never sit down to create a plan that will help them achieve their desires, so their goals and aspirations for 2012 soon become abandoned and forgotten.

I see the same thing happen in businesses. The owners want to increase their profit and firms value, but rarely have a well thought out plan for achieving this, so usually by the end of the year they are no better off.

We all know with the current state of the UK’s economy it’s going to be a more difficult trading year than the last two. However, we also know that in difficult trading periods the only businesses that will succeed and grow are those that proactively market themselves.

There have been literally thousands of reports produced by academics and business experts during previous difficult economic and trading times that all conclude in this simple fact – The businesses who actively engage in marketing their business are the ones who’ll win.

I’ve been involved in marketing and sales for 40 years and during the last twelve months, I’ve never seen such dramatic changes in how to successfully market an accounting firm.

Here’s a bold statement albeit it supported by the Department of Trade, Industry, Chambers of Commerce and leading business commentators – Any business who’s marketing strategy in 2012 does not include proactively marketing their firm on the Internet (Web) it will be very unlikely their business with grow and much more likely it will shrink.

There are three main components of successfully marketing for accountants over the Internet:

  • Local Search Marketing for Accountants
  • Social Media Marketing for Accountants
  • Mobile Marketing for Accountants

The most important marketing component for your success in 2012 is Local Search Marketing for Accountants

In previous posts I’ve mentioned we surveyed 670 accounting firms’ websites and local search marketing activities. Whilst accountants were one of the early adopters of websites, they have been extremely slow in adopting local search marketing practices.

If you want to grow your accountancy firm in 2012, this is the first Internet marketing component you MUST focus on. Failure to do so will simply mean your accountancy firm will not grow and is very likely to shrink.

We all know the saying, “If we carry on doing the same things, how can we expect to get different results.”

traditional forms of advertising accounting firms are dyingGoogle currently has around 95% market share of the UK’s search market, so a prominent presence in Google is absolutely essential for your accountancy firm’s success this year.

The first step is to make sure you’ve claimed your Google Places listing and then you need to fully optimise your listing with images, videos, events, offers, citation back links and client reviews. Failure to do so will leave your accountancy firm at the mercy of your competitors.

In my series of eight articles Marketing for Accountants | Local Search Marketing, I show you a step-by-step way how you can do this for yourself.

Alternatively, you can use our unique local search marketing for accountants’ service where we do all of the work for you and even invest in all of the set up costs on your behalf – until you start seeing the positive results of New Prospects contacting you every week to discuss engaging your accounting firm as their accountant.

However, our offer of investing before results is only going to be available for a short time, so take advantage of it today by calling or emailing me: 024 7624 3628 martin@accountantmarketingexperts.co.uk

Just keep in mind, at least eight out of ten people looking to engage or change accountants will start doing so by searching first online. Don’t miss out when you don’t need to.

Please add your comment to the box below. Do you think marketing for accountants most important step during the next few months is to embark on a Local Search Marketing campaign or do you think other activities are more important to grow your accountancy firm?

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