How You’ll Benefit From Mobile Marketing for Accountants

Highly responsive, inexpensive with fast sales:  Sending promotional offers and vouchers; getting new clients with competitions and valuable feedback from surveys is what mobile marketing is all about. It is currently recognised as the most inexpensive and effective interruption promotional and advertising method available today.

And because responses are extremely high, you can quickly fill any quiet periods with new clients and sales when you most need them.

Quickly find out what works and what doesn’t: Mobile text marketing can be accurately tracked so you can quickly identify the success, profit and investment return you’re achieving on any of your mobile marketing campaigns.

No Wasted effort: Only spend your time marketing to the right people, because prospects and clients have opted in to receive your texts, you are only marketing to people you know are interested in what you offer.

A low-cost way to quickly build your list: We all know that the money is in our client and prospect lists. By promoting something of value or interest you can quickly build a targeted prospect list and foster loyalty with your current clients.

Stand out from the rest: Mobile marketing will show your prospects and clients that you’re a modern and leading edge accountancy practice – clearly different from your competitors.

Get people to refer and go viral: You can quickly reach a broader audience and get people to willingly refer you: Mobile coupons and ads can be saved and forwarded by your clients and prospects. They can quickly send them to friends and colleagues who may be interested in what you’re offering.

Think about mobile marketing as the impulse purchasing items at a supermarket checkout. It’s an instant impulsive media and you’ll get immediate business, so you must always be prepared for it!

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