How to turn your accounting website visitors into ‘hot’ prospects

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In my last marketing for accountants blog post, “How many unique website visitors are you getting?” we looked at if you’re operating in a locality with a population around 300,000 then you should be getting at least 200 to 1,000 new visitors to your accountancy website every month from Google alone.

This of course assumes your accountancy firm is prominent on Page 1 of Google for accountants in your area.

If your accountancy firm is on the second, third or lower pages then unfortunately you will only get a couple of visitors, if you’re lucky. If this is your situation please go through my series of eight quick read articles on Local Search Marketing . These will show you how to quickly get your website to be more prominent in Google and Local Search

Alternatively, email or call me 024 7624 3628. Providing we don’t have a client already in your locality we’ll get you to the top of local search fast.

(At the time of writing this blog post we’re currently prepared to invest in your accounting firm’s online marketing strategy by paying all of the upfront costs and doing all of the hard work, so there’s no extra work for you and nothing to risk).

Your accountancy firm’s website is now prominent in Google and local search. You’re getting hundreds of new visitors every month searching for a local accountant.

So what’s next!

How to convert your accounting website visitors into hot prospects

The majority of the people visiting your accountancy website are looking for answers to their accountancy problems. These could be:

  • They’re thinking of or are setting up a new business
  • Fed up with their current accountant
  • They think they’re paying too much to their current accountant
  • Their current accountant isn’t proactive enough
  • Just moved into the area and want to also move to a local accountant
  • Their business is expanding and they want to move up to a professional firm from a ‘kitchen-sink’ operator

I’m sure you can think of more.

To start converting a visitor into a hot prospect you need to answer some of these questions on the webpage your visitor lands on. Remember, people searching for a business online will rarely spend more than 90 seconds looking at a webpage to see if it has the answers they need.

Here are two randomly selected screen shots from the landing pages of two accountancy firms in my area. They’re different and to be fair to these two Coventry accountants, I saw a lot worse when I was doing my survey of 670 accounting websites.

(The blank spaces are where I’ve cut out the accountancy firm names and contact details).

This website will not convert visitors to become a hot prospect

This is a template constructed website because apart from some of the content and brand colours there is lots of accountant websites with the exact same design. In Coventry there are five accountants using this template design.

What is wrong with it?

  1. It’s far too busy for a good landing page.
  2. They are highlighting three potential problems visitors may want answers to (fantastic). However you cannot find the answers quickly by clicking on the text or reading about them below (bad).
  3. They have added a banner to try and collect visitor details with a free 30 minute free consultation (good). However, you have to click off the page to access it. When you do, you’re taken to an ‘answer your question form’ (bad).
  4. There’s no call to action or urgency about the website. To actively engage with your visitors you must tell them exactly what you want them to do next. If you leave it to them, guess what? They won’t do anything except leave your website.

In today’s online society people want it now. They don’t want to wait. I can guarantee this because we have extensively tested it. I’ll even bet this accountant gets just a couple sign ups each month.

This second screenshot is also typical of many accountant landing pages. Your visitor arrives and all they see is a list of links.

“For goodness sake I want to know how you can solve my problems and ease my pain now! I don’t want to hunt around your website trying to find the answers”….. (Visitor clicks back on their browser to continue their search elsewhere for the answers they need – whoops).

This accountant's website is virtually useless to convert visitors into prospects

To convert your website visitors into hot prospects you need them to land on a webpage that gives them exactly what they’re looking for.

In Internet Marketing terms we call this the squeeze page, because it’s designed to squeeze the contact details out of your visitors whilst giving them immediate satisfaction to their problems.

A good squeeze page immediately engages the visitor by quickly telling them how your accountancy firm can solve their problems and why they should engage you as their accountant.

I’ll guarantee by having a good squeeze page your visitors will immediately see you are different and light years ahead of your accounting competitors.

We usually create a squeeze page with a good headline, a short introductory video around 90seconds (today people love videos) with a few bullet points underneath explaining why we’re different and why they should contact us.

We’ll then add a lead capture form to the top right hand side of this page offering something attractive and of value to collect their contact details for further engagement and follow up.

Quick side note: A few years ago the Chartered Institute of Marketing reported that it takes on average seven contacts with a prospect before they buy and most businesses give up after the third contact.

***This is why you must collect the contact details of your accounting website’s visitors***

A lot of people are not immediately ready to buy. You need to follow up regularly with information they will find of value and by doing so create a relationship. When they’re ready to engage an accountant your firm will be in the front of their mind.

If you don’t, you are simply wasting most of your time and money online!

If you want to know how to improve your accounting website, increase your search engine rankings and get a lot more people contacting you to become their accountant, take full advantage of our no obligation confidential business report, “How to dominate your niche and really get more local sales.” (Worth at least £297).

In the world of successfully selling professional service – You have to get people know you, like you and trust you.

I hope you’ve found this marketing for accountants blog post of help and interest. Please leave your comments or questions in the form below. By commenting you’ll also get a back link to your website to help with your search engine rankings.

Have a fantastic day.


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