How to Get More Clients & Boost Your Bank Account in 2012

We'll drive more prospects to your accountancy firm

Of all the Internet Marketing Services I’ve seen promoted this year to offline businesses, most I consider useless and worthless for accountants who are trying to build their client base and add value to their firm.

The biggest problem is most of these Internet Marketing Services focus on the latest ‘shinny object’ syndrome or if you prefer the latest Internet Marketing or Social Media craze.

They’re not focusing on proven marketing for accountants’ strategies and tactics that will get you more clients, building loyalty with existing clients and helping them to keep buying from you again and again.

I have interests in a number of offline businesses, and just like you I get daily sales letters and telephone calls from these so called Internet marketing specialists all promising me thousands of new clients from the search engines or hordes of new clients from social media marketing activities.

However, when you drill down into what they’re actually going to do – you soon discover it’s a quick fix such as keyword stuffing, over priced search engine optimisation or setting up social media accounts which on their own will not get you more clients or make you more money.

We guarantee to get you more clients and fees

There is no doubt about this – over the next twelve months accountants will have to fully embrace the new wave of successful and proven Internet marketing strategies. That is if they want to successfully grow their client base and firm’s value during these difficult economic times.

However, by jumping on the Internet Marketing ‘bandwagon’ without creating a proper Internet and social media marketing plan with the correct implementation programme is going to be a complete waste of your time and money.

Equally by relying on your webmaster or current marketing adviser to do your Internet marketing is equally dangerous. In my blog post, “Have Accountants been sucked in by their advisers,” I highlight why most accountants’ websites are costing their owners’ money – not making them money as they should be.

One of our goals for 2012 is to get at least one hundred accountants properly online so they make real bankable money from the Internet.

To successfully achieve this and to completely eliminate any barriers in your mind about whether you can make real money from the Internet or not; we’re offering a time limited unique marketing for accountants’ service.

We will design with you – your own customised Internet success marketing blueprint. We will then finance and immediately implement the first and most important phase Local Search Marketing for Accountants.

The results we’ll achieve together this year are simple. More clients, more profit and a more valuable firm regardless of this poor economy.

All you need to do is to email me with your website Url (http://your website) and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

This unique limited time offer is only available to one accountancy firm in each local area. Email me today!

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