Have most accountants been sucked in by their advisers?

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It still surprises me the Accountancy Profession still lags behind most other local business and professional sectors in embracing online marketing activities to boost their client base and increase client loyalty.

This is possibly even more surprising when you consider the accountancy profession were one of the earliest adopters of having a web presence.

I’ve spoken to over a hundred accountants during the last couple of weeks to discuss our new online marketing for accountants’ services.

I found the majority of accountants I spoke to extremely sceptical and most have ‘strongly erected steel’ mental barriers about discussing anything concerning marketing their firms online. They were also reluctant to discuss the performance of their websites.

Is your accountancy website losing you money

Now the following section is an educated assumption on my part. (Please let me have your thoughts, opinions or reactions to what I’m about to say in the comment section below. Including the Good, the Bad and the Ugly).

Here we go:

  •  Many accountants have spent a small fortune on nonperforming websites and are therefore extremely cautious about spending more money on doing something new – albeit proven to add measurable value to their firm.
  • A lot of accountants have been unwittingly sucked in by ‘jump on the bandwagon’ search engine optimisation specialists, Internet marketing companies and so called online paid advertising experts where they have paid a tidy sum but got no real bankable results in return.

You know the ones I mean. They regularly call or write to you offering heaven and earth and instant online success, but all you get in the end is a hole on your bank account.

  • Also quite a few accountants appear to be relying on their web masters to help them with their Internet Marketing. This is a massive mistake. I know and work with hundreds of web masters around the world, who are brilliant at creating attractive, attention getting and easy to navigate websites.

BUT I’ve only ever met a two who have ever worked in the ‘trenches’ successfully marketing their clients and their clients’ websites.

Most accountants are getting BAD advice.

Otherwise – Why Is It?

  •  As at 1st October 2011, only 7% of UK accountants had claimed their Google Places Pages and only 1 out of 670 accountancy firms had fully optimised it.

(The following are the brief findings from our survey of 670 UK accountancy firms’ websites undertaken during October 2011).

  • 9 out of 10 accountants’ websites haven’t been fully and properly optimised on-page or off-page for the keywords their ‘ideal prospects’ are using when searching for a local accountant.
  •  Only 1 accountancy firm had fully claimed their directory, citation and review site listings, and only 5 had claimed the most powerful directory listing for search engine ranking purposes – DMOZ.
  • Only 2 had enticing landing pages for their web visitors, clearly spelling out why the visitor should do business with them rather than any of their competitors.
  • 668 accountants website had no lead capture form on their web landing page. A HUGE Mistake!

Are you praying the old traditional marketing methods will deliver all the clients you need in 2012

Our most important business goal, marketing for accountants in 2012

We’re planning to get a minimum of one hundred accountancy firms to regain their confidence in marketing their firm online and start really profiting from the Internet.

To quickly achieve this – we’ve decided to pay all of the upfront marketing costs by investing in ten accountancy firms’ Internet marketing systems, starting in January 2012

“Yep, we’re prepared to put our money where our business mouth is!”

We’ll do all the work driving new ‘hot’ prospects to your firm, so you can focus on quickly on tuning them into clients and then looking after them.

We’ll help you make 2012, the best year in your firm’s profit history! Are you ready?

If you would like to discuss our unique ‘put the money where your mouth is’ offer with me, please email me martin@accountantmarketingexperts.co.uk or give me a call on 024 7624 3628 as soon as possible.


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