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For those of you who market your accountancy firm using Google AdWords, you’ll be interested to know that Google is currently testing a new tool in parts of the United States where searchers can quickly sign up to whatever you’re offering.

Google's new marketing tool

Here’s Google’s response to Alexia Tsotis (TechCrunch) latest article on this subject:

“We’re currently running a small experiment of a new ad format that helps users sign up more easily for email subscriptions or other free newsletters. This new ad format contains a box within the ad that displays a user’s Google email address (if logged in). If a user chooses to click ‘Subscribe to newsletter’ then the email address is sent to the advertiser directly, which is clearly disclosed within the ad itself.”

In my opinion Google’s tests will be successful and this new service will be a major step forward for proactive accountants using the Web and Google to actively promote their accountancy firms. However, we’ll have to wait and see how expensive this will be and whether it shows a good ROI.

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