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You Get More Clients
Whilst Slashing Your Marketing Costs

Imagine having more clients than you can handle!

Our business focus is online marketing for accountants from strategy planning to successful implementation and we guarantee to multiply your revenues, boost your profit and increase the value of your firm.

We do this by quickly building your online presence using our range of low-cost, totally risk-free Internet marketing packages. Unlike any other accountancy marketing system, we do 98% of all the work, so you can do what you enjoy doing.

A lot of our time and money is spent working with other leading internet marketers and techie people around the world. Together we develop and test new innovative marketing and technical solutions; this keeps our clients at the ‘cutting edge’ of Internet marketing for accountants and always in front of their competitors.

We decided to set up this new business because we saw most accountancy firms missing out on the wonderful opportunities of marketing their services using the Internet.

Our proven Internet marketing systems are considerably more effective, significantly lower cost, and have a much better ‘shelf-life’ than traditional accountancy marketing systems.

There’s a heavy tech angle to what we do when building your profitable Internet marketing systems. These are necessary to bring in fast results whilst keeping you marketing costs low.

This is what we will do for you:

  • Build your web and online presences.
  • Install traffic and lead generation systems getting more prospects coming to your website or contacting your office.
  • Help you become the ‘authority figure’ for your niche. The accountant that prospects will want to do business with.
  • Develop your brand and presence in social networks, encouraging prospects to contact you, building client loyalty whilst managing and protecting your reputation.
  • Use the powerful mobile marketing platform to get you new clients and additional revenues from your current clients when you most need them.

Your small initial investment now, will pay huge dividends in the future, when your competitors scramble and struggle trying to catch you up.

A Little Bit More About Us

Jeffrey Benson

Jeffrey is responsible for the technical developments of our marketing systems, providing client technical support and managing our team of outsourced technicians and software developers working from the UK, USA, Canada and India.

Jeffrey has lived in Rugby for the last nine years. He’s married to Stella and they have three children, Jeffrey Junior (7), Meme (5) and Efosa ( 4). Jeffrey enjoys the gym and swims daily to release the pressures of work.

Jeffrey has been at the forefront of Internet marketing since 2003. He’s built three highly profitable Internet properties and is regularly asked to be a guest speaker at Internet marketing webinars seminars and conferences.

Jeffrey is recognised in Internet marketing circles as a leading expert on website traffic and lead generation strategies. He spends a lot of his time collaborating with leading web developers around the world working on new Internet marketing systems and software.

Martin Lloyd

Martin is responsible for client acquisition, providing client marketing support and managing our team of certified social media managers, local search and mobile marketers.

Martin lives in Coventry, married to Maureen with two adult children, Amanda who’s a Lecturer in Law at Surrey University and Ian who specialises in machine to machine marketing at Vodafone Global Enterprise.

Martin was one of the UK’s leading sports parachutists and a competitive rower, but today relaxes by canoeing and cooking.

Martin has been a marketing professional for nearly 40 years. He’s provided marketing consultancy services to leading Banks, Development Agencies and Chambers of Commerce. He became one of the UK’s first qualified business advisers and virtually mentors people starting up consultancy practices and professional firms in developing countries.

We have a vast network of resources and contacts we can use in creative ways to boost your profit.

If you have any questions drop us a line at questions @ accountantmarketingexperts.co.uk

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